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Toyota Celica TA40 V8

Objetive, to fit a Rover V8 engine into the TA40 to run in street class drag racing. This was undertaken in the early 80's. The car took a number of years to complete, the goal was to get the car to run mid 12's with the 220 BHP Rover V8 that I had run in my Mk4 Cortina estate road car. 

TA40 Santa pod



In the workshop

TA40 Celica, base car for v8 project

This is the start

Bare shell ready for restoration

Striped out 

Removal of undersael etc

Cleaned and pimed 

Fabricated new x member and new strg rack

Fabricated front X member with new

steering rack

Bespoke fabricated crossmember and steering rack viewed from the top.

Engine bay showing conversion from

steering box to rack

MA61 Supra axle

Ma41 disc brake axle convert to

5 stud

Bottom arm and tie rod all hand built

Fabricated front lower suspension arms

Lower arm, rack and tubular exhaust

View of exhaust and front suspension

Rover v8 exhaust manifold TA40

Fabricated exhaust o the rover V8


TA40 rover v8

Final engine bay as run with the Rover V8