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Our Approach to Engineering

We tackle all our projects in the same way. First we find out exactly what the project is about – the purpose, aims and desired outcome. Our experience can then be utilised to advice on the best way forward in a considered and well-planned way. We produce a route that is most likely to succeed and achieve your goals.

Start Small, Aim Big

Starting from a know position is important when developing anything. The aim maybe to produce high performance whether it is in an engine, single component or entire vehicle. Our experience can cover some of the early ground, but development at the right pace will produce reliability as well as avoiding costly failures along the way.

Toyota Supra V8 Conversion

Toyota Supra engine conversion to a Lexus V8.

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Gearbox Conversion

The Lexus V8 engine was only fitted with an automatic gearbox, but a manual gearbox is essential for competition cars. The solution was to design an adapter plate to match the engine to the desired gearbox.

Gearbox with converter plate


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