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SJ Performance Engineering are suppliers of Link Engine Management ECUs

SJ Performance Engineering are an official supplier of Link Engine Management Plug-In and Wire-In, professional engine management ECUs. We have many years experience of performance engine and car development and offer this experience to anyone wishing to buy or have an after market ECU fitted to their car.

The Link ECUs are fully adjustable using PCLink tuning software. Adjustability includes fuel, ignition and boost mapping, datalogging, cam shaft mapping, antilag, launch control and much more.

Contact Roger (07879 815368) our engineer to discuss the best options for your car and what you need the ECU to achieve for you.

Link Thunder ECU

The G4+ Thunder ECU is for high end applications that require maximum performance and tuning control.

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Link Xtreme ECU

The G4+ Xtreme offers power, ease of tuning and performance with more functions than normally demanded by both tuner and driver.

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Link Fury ECU

The G4+ Fury ECU is optimised for six cylinder / 3 rotor engines.

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Link Storm ECU

Fully sequential fuel and ignition, eight cylinders with direct spark, the Storm G4+ ECU has advanced tuning features.

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Link Atom ECU

Designed to IP67 standards the Atom G4+ ECU is 100% dust and waterproof.

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Link Force GDI ECU

The Force GDI ECU is built specifically to control Gasoline Direct Injection engines and runs on the G4+ platform.

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Link Plugin ECUs

Link plugin ECUs take the hassle out of aftermarket engine management and come complete with base maps for a tuner head start.

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ECU Tuning Tools and Accessories

We can supply a range of tuning tools and software to make the most of your ECU. These are designed to assist easy and efficient tuning and diagnostics of Link Engine Management Systems.

Contact Roger (07879 815368) our engineer to discuss what options are available and how they can help get the best from your engine management system.

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Link Thunder ECU

Link Atom G4+ ECU

Link Xtreme ECU

Link Dash