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The basic principles are the same across all engines and we have worked on many including the ultimate F1 engine of the 1960s the Ford DFV.

As with our general approach to engineering, the first step is to work out the exact requirements. Understanding what the clients needs from their engine will form the bases for. This includes understanding the vehicle/engine package as a whole. More bhp isn’t necessarily the best way forward or the most cost effective for gaining extra time on the track.

Modern engines use ECUs and engine mapping is a big part of their performance. Often the first step to take in the development of an engine is to start with an after-market ECU. A standard ECU may not work effectively with a modified engine, not enabling you to realise the best from the modifications.

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Lexus V8 EngineThe Lexus V8

For many years we have worked on the development of the Lexus V8 engine and other Japanese manufacturer engines. Compact, strong and lightweight the Lexus V8 is a versatile engine with great opportunity for development and competition use.

The engine can be adapted and installed in a variety of cars. The Lexus engine comes with an automatic gearbox, but we have designed and produced conversion kits to mount manual gearboxes.

See our projects page for details of our Lexus V8 engined Toyota Celica GT8 project car.

A great alternative to more established engines in the field of motorsport the Lexus V8 is ideal for a wide variety of disciplines from Hillclimbing to Drag Racing or high performance road use.

A great engine in its standard form; light modification to turbo charging for massive bhp can be achieved.

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Lexus V8 Gearbox Conversions

Lexus cars with V8 engines have automatic gearboxes. To make the engine versatile and suitable for competition use an adapter has been developed to sit a manual gearbox behind it.

Gearbox with converter plate

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