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ASNU fuel Injector Testing Equipment

SJ Performance Engineering is an ASNU Service Centre and fuel injection specialists. Our ASNU injector testing equipment allows us to examine the performance of the injectors used in your car’s fuel injection system. We are able to see the injectors spray pattern in great detail enabling us to check for any discrepancies in the fuel distribution and atomisation that would affect the car’s performance.

The distribution and atomisation of your car’s injectors are critical factors to maintaining the correct performance, economy and emissions. Current engine mapping systems can not measure or compensate for the injectors distribution of the fuel or atomisation.


Increasing Performance

This equipment also enables us to fine tune the fuel system of a performance car. Combined with the engine mapping on the ECU we can extract the best performance possible from your car’s fuel system. Fine tuning the fuel system is a very cost-effective way to maximise or gain extra performance from your engine.

To find out more, or to book your car in for a fuel system test and service call Roger Smith on 07879 815368.

Fuel Injection Servicing Benefits:

Maximise Performance

Increase Fuel Economy

Decrease Bad Emissions

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